Shri SunderKand Path and Ramayana Path

Shri Sankat Mochan Balaji Mandal started in April, 2010 from Sundar Kand path at Guru ji Hansraj Mehta’s home. It was started with Mata smt. Santosh Joshi, Mona Mehta ji. After this event Mandal has been organizing SundarKand Path, Ramanyana Path, Chalisa Path selflessly.

The Mandal takes a very minimal cost to organize SundarKand Path, Ramanyana Path, Chalisa Path which covers the payment to sound and Dholak. The Mandal also helps those families who wish to organize the path but they have financial constraints, by organizing the path free of cost.



Jitender Arora ji

Mata Santosh Joshi Ji
Chander Arora ji